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Related post: Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2003 21:12:24 -0800 From: Mike H Subject: free teen porn young Reflections on Things Past, Part 3 The following story is true. Some names have been changed sexy non nude teens for privacy. I hope you enjoy this chapter and the ones that follow.THE MAN OF MY LIFE I became involved with a Speaker's Bureau of gay men and russain teen porn ******** who were willing to speak publicly teen sexual intercourse porn to groups about being gay or lesbian. We would get together for planning sessions at a potluck every few months. I received a cryptic postcard invitation at my office and assuming it was australian teen porn fucking for a Speaker's Bureau potluck I fixed a casserole and appeared at the designated place at the appointed hour. When I walked in I was surprised to find a crowd of around 50 men and women. It turned out that it was a social for gay and lesbian lawyers. I put my casserole down teen sex videos in the kitchen and joined the party on the patio overlooking the river. When I walked onto the patio the sight of one man hit me between the eyes. He had a close trimmed beard, blue teen illegal porn eyes, dark brown hair, was around 5'7", trim and very handsome. free teen topanga porn I couldn't keep my eyes off of him. I was 39 by then and I guessed he was in his mid-twenties. I am best teen sex porn not a chicken hawk and the age difference bothered me, but I still could not keep my eyes off of him. Eventually I introduced myself. We talked a bit and I was struck by his last, very Irish name. I asked him if he had a brother who went to Stanford. It turned out his older teen fuck thumbs brother (14 teen sex amateur pix years older) was teen lesbian pussy my classmate and I knew teen porn videos him well. I did not get Dave's telephone number and I kicked myself afterwards. How was I boy sex teen going to get in contact with him? 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I realized soon in our relationship that Dave was the Alpha Male, something that was totally new for me. Throughout my life people had depended on me for support. Now someone was dominating me on a level I did not quite understand. I was top in bed, but bottom out of bed. young nude teen boys After Dave and I had been dating for around three months, my wife decided that she wanted to move out of the family home to concentrate on her treatment for cancer (she had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer nine months earlier). She did not want to have to deal with our teenage daughters, so I moved back in to the family home. At first I would get the kids to bed and then head teen blowjob pics to Dave's, sleep with him and then drive back across town beofre the girls were teen gay chat rooms up in the morning. 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I had always dreamed of living in the country and we had Dave's former boyfriend design a house for us after we found some acreage in the wine country 50 miles teen preeteen porn from town. It black teen nudes was a great adventure taking an old walnut orchard, overgrown with blackberries, and converting it into a landscaped showplace with a couple of acres of pinot gris grapes. And I had the John Deere tractor I had dreamed about as a little boy. Dave still had his place in the city, so free sexy teen porn we did not have to commute every day, but for the next ten years much or our play was hard work clearing, landscaping and tending the vineyard. I also became involved as a member of the School Board at the nearby town and on the county Planning Commission. It was a very conservative community and we were out, but that did not seem to bother folks. A few thought Dave was my son, but only a few. As the late 80s progressed, more and more of our friends became sick and died of AIDS. We were grateful that we had become monogamous before we were caught by the plague. And I was grateful that I did not have to use a condom. The seduction teens ******** only thing I had to give up was cuming up Dave's ass after his doctor told him it was not a good idea because it stressed the immune system. At the time I thought it was a great sacrifice because I so loved the sensation of thrusting against Dave's butt as a shot up his ass. I soon forgot what I was missing and learned to pull out just as I started to squirt and would mexican teen porn pics shoot all over his back. We did not seriously consider sharing sex with other men until 1993, a year of big change for us. It all started the week of my oldest daughter's wedding in New York black teen porn ass city. We had been getting professional massages for years and decided to get a massage during the week we were visiting free teen fuck NYC. I had a massage at the athletic club near the hotel and it was a a woman who did not do deep tissue work. hot hardocore teen porn So we checked out the ads in the Village Voice and found a couple that were interesting (this was before the scores of ads you see today). One ad stated: "Massage for Men Only, Chelsea homemade free teen porn Loft, $.....per hour, phone...." We agreed to give it a try free nude teen webcam and made back to back appointments, me first. teen latin porn When I arrived I was greeted by a big bear of a man who introduced himself as Bill. His loft was full of antiques imported from China. In addition porn polish girl teen to doing massage he imported antiques and was a TV producer of local specials. Bill led me to his bedroom, which was very dimly lit with a king sized futon on the floor covered by black sheets. He told me to undress and lay face down on the futon and he would be back in a minute. I followed instructions and started to drift off as I relaxed. 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Afterwards, I gave Bill a very young teen ******** hug and told him I had never experienced anything quite like it, "I did not expect to get off and I can count on one hand the number of times in my life that I have been jacked off by another man. Up until teen porn cams free now I felt getting jacked off would be wasting tawny teen porn a teen orgy parties perfectly good orgasm that would be better used fucking ass." Bill laughed, patted me single teen porn on the ass and sent me on my way. His next appointment was teen araps sex porn due, Dave. I met Dave at Bill's door on the street. All I said was, "You are in for a surprise." He looked at me a little funny. That evening was the wedding rehearsal followed by fake teen porn the rehearsal dinner. I sat through dinner with a constant hard on. I felt like a teenage boy who has discovered a new angel on sex. It wasn't going to stop here. Dave agreed. When we got back home we decided to attend a Body Electric weekend workshop...something Dave had been wanting to do for several years. And since we wanted to go in to the BE workshop with some basic massage skills, we took a short course at a massage school. The BE workshop was a very powerful, spiritual, liberating, life changing experience. We discovered there was a way to share erotic energy with other men safely and without threatening our relationship. Erotic massage is a teen porn in indiana dimension of sexuality that is unique because there is often >pree teen porn no reciprocity. Of course it sometimes slops over into hot sex, but especially with professionals it can be an opportunity for pure pleasure with no reciprocity. It is a chance to get pleasured and explore your own potential for pleasure without thinking about a partner. And giving erotic massage is a pleasure because some teen swimsuit porn of that powerful sexual energy flows back to the giver. 18 nude teens The BE workshop was in November and for New Year's weekend we decided to go to San Francisco. It was a great way to avoid parties we did not want to go to and it gave us a chance to enjoy each other away from the stress of work. We decided japanees nude young teen to schedule a massage and both picked the same ad in the Bay Area Reporter... real teen porn vidios a good looking swimmer-type advertising massage with the possibility of 2 on 1 at $100 for an hour. I went the first day and Dave was scheduled for the next day. It was quite a distance from the Castro and I was greeted at the door by a man better looking than the advertisement. He free teen lesbo porn introduced himself, Christopher John Watt and teen amteur porn free his lover David was his assistant. They teen porn -gay had a massage table set up in their living room. 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Chris responded, "We have another appointment in an hour and a half and we better save it." littel teen porn gallery "Yah, but I would really like to get off with him," David answered. At that point Christopher took a towel and wiped the excess lube out of my crack and asked me to turn over. On my back they placed a mask filled with lavender over my eyes and started to massage my front. After about 10 minutes I felt Christopher and David lift my legs and Christopher's finger and then fingers started to gently massage my hole. David started to gently stroke my top teen porn pictures cock and my head started to swim in ecstasy. Then the pleasure took hold of me and I started to feel things in my ass and cock I had never felt before. I threw off the mask and looked at them pleading, "Dear God what are you doing to me." I lost it. The cum shot out of my cock in torrents. This was something I wanted again. And it was something I wanted to learn how to give. sexy nude latin teens When I was finished Christopher adjourned to take a shower. David gave me a smile and asked, "Will you do me?" "For sure," I answered and David got on the table. I did my best to return the favor, but I knew I had a lot to learn. free anol teen porn When we got home Dave and I arranged to have some private instruction in anal/prostate massage and took a Body Electric weekend workshop devoted to the art. It has been my pleasure to pass on those skills to many men over the past few years. We gradually opened up to other men in three ways, four ways and up to six ways. Usually sharing is in the context of erotic body work on teen +ass +porn a massage table, transitioning to bed and taking all teen screaming porn afternoon at it. But sex has always been best with each illegal teen sex other and fucking has been reserved for each other with a few fantastic exceptions that I will share in chapters to come. Sharing with others has helped highschool teen porn sites us grow. Mike
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